1. Let’s get started by entering the details of your event. You can modify these later if needed.
2. You only need to click on Visible End Date if your event is a multiple-day event.
3. You only need to click on Annual Event if this event will occur every year.
4. After entering details, hit the Save Event button.
1. Let’s start planning by either entering a keyword in the Search box or choosing a Category.
2. To refine your search further, choose a Sub-Category.
3. You can click on the View Details button to look at a particular vendor’s service details.
4. If you like what you see and want the vendor at your event, click on the Add to Event button.
5. Once you’re finished selecting services, hit the Save Event button (don’t worry, you can modify these later if needed.)
1. Now let’s get your vendors on board with your event by clicking Confirm with Vendor by Creating your Request (you can always add or delete services by clicking on Edit Event).
2. Enter as many details as possible about your event to ensure the vendor is the best fit for you (you can also write the vendor a note if needed).
3. When you’re finished, hit the Submit button. You will receive an email when the vendor either accepts or declines your event.
4. Once your vendor accepts, click on the red Accepted! Time to pay the deposit button. You will be charged only half of the cost up front (non-refundable). The remaining balance should be paid by you directly to the vendor at the time the service is delivered.
5. Now enter your card information and hit Add Card unless your card is already in our system.
1. Click on the Manage my Planner Profile button if you need to edit your personal information, change your password, and/or delete your credit card from our system.
1. Let’s get started by filling out as many details as possible about your company.
2. You can upload a photo by clicking on Choose File under Upload your company image or logo.
3. You can upload your business license, permit, and/or proof of insurance (whichever form pertains to your business) by clicking on Choose Files under Business Documents.
4. If you’d like to change your password, you can do that under New Password.
5. When finished, please hit the Update button. Don’t worry, you can always modify this information by going to Vendor Actions in the top right-hand corner, clicking on Vendor Profile, and hitting the Edit button.
1. Please fill in all pertinent details about your service and select an image(s) to upload to help your listing stand out!
2. Choose a Category and Sub-Category that best fits your service.
3. Please describe your listing in detail. You can always click on the Listing Tips box for some helpful hints on what should be included here.
4. Select up to 4 keywords that best describes your listing for planners just using the Search box.
5. Next, fill out your Minimum Price Per Event (if applicable), Duration of Booking, and Terms and Conditions (i.e. cancellation policy) before hitting the Submit button.
1. Here you will find the details of your current Requests for Service where you can click on Accept, Decline, or Modify Original Price depending on your availability and/or additional requests from the planner. The planner will be sent an email letting them know you performed an action on their request.
2. You can send the planner a note by writing in the middle box and hitting the Add Note button.
3. You can edit your service(s) by clicking on the red pencil icon next to the name of your service.

Why Vendors Love Us -

  • Registration is FREE!
  • We work for you to make your service available to 1000’s of local party planners.
  • You set the terms of your services.
  • You modify prices as you see fit.
  • You can offer as many services as you like.
  • You’ll make more money - we’ll put you in front of local planners who may not know about your services. Our site is also a marketing tool as users will see your services when planning their event.
  • We’re here to save you time and money! You will no longer have to answer multiple phone calls regarding cost, range of services, etc. This is also a great marketing tool as planners will view you on our website - whether they request a service now or for another event in the future.
  • How much does it cost to use your services? It is free to register, respond to requests for services, and communicate with planners. EventPeace only charges a small fee when a planner books you for an event, normally 15%.
  • How do I get paid? The planner pays the full amount upfront once they have booked your services. The money will be released directly to your bank account 24 hours after the event.
  • How do I get a deposit? Typically, security deposits are no longer necessary since the organizer pays the full amount upfront. If you require a deposit upfront, please state so in your detailed Terms and Conditions when listing a service.
  • How do I know when my services are requested? You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have a new request.
  • What happens if the event organizer cancels after accepting the offer? Please state your cancellation terms in your detailed Terms and Conditions when listing a service. We will hold our planners accountable to those terms.
  • When should I respond to a new request for service? You are required to either accept or decline within 24 hours after receiving a request.
  • How do I communicate with a planner? On your Vendor Dashboard, you can message planners directly and vice versa. You will receive an email notification letting you know you have a message from a planner.
  • Can I modify my prices if need be? Yes, you can modify your original price on your Vendor Dashboard at any time, or modify an individual service request price before you accept an offer if needed.
  • Can I offer more than one service? Yes, you can list as many services as you offer as long as they’re relevant to events.
  • Who should I contact if a problem should arise? You can contact EventPeace at admin@eventpeace.com.
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